What we sell

We bring new clothes to the store every Monday and they're on the rails by the afternoon. Our vintage clothes are mainly from the 70s to the 90s but of course there are lots of peices that are older too.

For men there are checked, flannel, and regular dress shirts; Levi and other denim jackets; Levi 501, Lee and Wrangler and jeans; Docker trousers; jean and sports shorts; sweaters and christmas jumpers; hats and caps; suit jackets; t-shirts and vests; shoes and Dr Martens and more..

For women there are Dresses,Levi 501s, levi and other denim shorts, blouses, tee shirts, crop tops, jackets, skirts, shoes, boots, hats, berets, sandals, bags, etc

We also have som new clothes, like rock band tees which are unisex, for men there are 60s style patterned shirts harrightons y drainpipes, and for women there are red, stripy, leopard print, grey and blue jean drainpipes. We also put in some peices we've made ourselves from time to time.
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We do rentals for television, film, adverts and theatre productions and cater for nearly all budgets. For more information call us on 931924236 (touch the number to call if you're on the site on a smartphone) or send a mail to:


...Change * for @, trying not to get spammed!
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I want to sell my second hand clothes

Unfortunately we don't buy clothes except from our suppliers, but there are a few things you can do if you have clothes to sell:

Firstly you can get a few friends together with a few beers and have a swapping party- one man's trash is another man's treasure!

Secondly you could try putting an ad on a website which has a second hand or vintage clothes section. Here are a couple of links:

Lastly, and something which is very popular right now, you could put a stand in a local second hand market. In Barcelona there are a few you can contact to get some info:

Flea Market
Lost and Found
Brick Lane
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About us

We've spent years working in vintage and in April 2011 we opened our own store.
After leaving our last jobs we were stuck and out of work, and given how hard it is to get a job in the recession, we decided to get something going ourselves. So we got to work and after a few months Love Vintage became a reality. We opened up in a big old shop on Carrer Bertrellans, but a year later we moved on, to another store on the same street. And there we remain, hope to see you soon!
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